Saturday, October 22, 2011

First WT Experience-WT 01

I had my first Weekend Testing Session today. For those of you who don't know what Weekend Testing is, go to

I've always wanted to participate and when I did get an opportunity I didn't let go of it. When WT69 was announced, I mailed for the participation right away. There were still 2 days left for the session and I was so much excited that I even set a reminder on my mobile phone. Sounds crazy, but didn't want to miss out on it.

At 15:45, Skype informed me that Weekend Testing has added me as a contact. :) Ajay briefed all of the testers with the mission.


Today's session is about Time Zone Conversion

Compare and contrast these two time zone converters.

1. How useful is each link to the user, tester?
2. What are the advantages/disadvantages in each of the converters?
3. If you had to design only ten tests for each of the converters, what would they be?

This was first my weekend testing session and it was a great experience. Even though the constant pinging on Skype didn’t help, I managed to keep my focus on the testing and not get disturbed. When I first analysed the mission I thought that one hour will not enough for this mission, that’s why I wasn’t able to complete the mission, not because the time wasn’t enough but because I had made my brain convinced that time wasn't enough. 

After analysing the mission I thought of deciding on a approach which actually helped me in time management.  


  • Divided the time for each converter
    • 15 mins for Time Zone
    • 15 mins for GMT
    • 10 mins to compare & contrast
    • 15 mins to design tests

Throughout the session, there was some sort of a 'rush' that was going through me, as if I had something to complete or to achieve. Not able to figure out what & why. 


  • Wasted the initial 15 mins by getting excited and not focusing on the mission.
  • Didn’t analyse the mission properly because once the session was about to complete I couldn’t answer the first question. Should have analysed and asked questions at the beginning of the session itself.
  • Didn't have a proper format to write the report, so just wrote in any format , not tidy. 

The one thing which I believed that I did right was keep the mission in mind. I didn't go out and play with the testable.

I am definitely going to be looking forward for the upcoming sessions.

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